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Wheel Chairs - Advice On Finding The Right Wheel Chair For You

With growing technological advancements, the demand for wheel chairs and improved mobility aids is on the rise. Injuries affecting many parts of the body can require the need for a wheel chair.

Wheel chairs are largely used by people for whom walking and physical mobility proves a problem, due to either physical or neurological illness. One of the main positives of wheel chair access is to improve independence and confidence of patients.

The adaptation of thousands of buildings worldwide, providing adequate wheel chair access, has been a significant breakthrough. Naturally, a wheel chair user is less disabled when entering an environment without stairs.

Selecting the right wheel chair specification to suit your needs can be a long and winding road. However, at Collins Care we are focused on offering a great range of wheel chairs to improve your mobility and lifestyle.

For a lightweight, mobile wheel chair option, consider our Days Escape Aluminium Wheelchair that is easy to transport and ideal for occasional use both indoors and outdoors.

If the most significant aspect of selecting your wheelchair is safety and durability, the Breezy Moonlite Wheelchair meets all of these requirements. As one of the market leaders for comfort and relief, the padded seating and adjustable leg rests are ideal for a longer trip to the seaside.

Collins Care provides also provides solutions for patients that require long-term wheel chair use, designed to take the strain and ease pressure sores. The Heavy Duty Power Wheel Pack can be fitted to any wheel chair. It is operated by just the push of a button, to give users up to 26 stone the chance to tackle steep slopes and uneven terrain with confidence. Even without the added bonus of a power pack, our manual heavy duty wheelchairs are perfect for transportation and long-term comfort.

Specialist wheelchairs are also readily available for users who wish to continue to lead an active lifestyle.

There are a number of wheelchair accessories that can improve comfort and assistance of maintaining mobility. State-of-the-art wheel chair gloves with gel padding and stretch Lycra protect from badly blistered fingers. If pressure sores become a growing concern then consider investing in a Gel Wheel Chair Cushion to prevent and manage existing sores.

With an outstanding range of Wheel chairs and life-changing accessories, visit Collins Care for further information.

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