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Broken Bone Care - Advice On How To Manage Broken Bones & Restore Mobility
The treatment of broken bones is an important recuperation process. Although not necessarily considered a life-threatening problem, ensuring that a broken bone is healed in the correct manor can lead to a swift return to a normal and mobile life.

Avoiding intense pain, swelling and infection is paramount when caring for an initial broken bone. Mature bones are more likely to break completely as opposed to a stress fracture. A decision is often made regarding the use of a splint or cast to enable the bone to heal.

Most broken bones generally need a cast to complete the healing process. However, more serious breakages can require surgery in order to realign the bone before it can naturally heal.

An open cuff crutch is the ideal product to take the strain of a broken leg bone and improve mobility. The lightweight elbow crutches are practical and height adjustable for optimum comfort.

Alternatively, our forearm adjustable crutches include comfort grip handles, designed to support the palm and spread pressure for increased comfort.

When wearing a cast washing can become difficult, though with a water proof cast protector that simply slips over the cast so you can wash in a normal fashion without the fear of getting it wet.

If mobility is permanently affected following a bone breakage, wheelchairs, scooters and stair-lifts can significantly improve home life. At Collins Care we provide a range of transit wheelchairs suitable for travel, as well as heavy duty wheelchairs for long-term, durable use. These are ideal for broken bone sufferers who struggle with the physical pressure of using walking aids and crutches.

For increased independence why not purchase a mobility scooter to enable you to enjoy a healthy social life and a change of scenery. If your injuries have affected joints and the ability to walk up and down stairs consider a comfortable and easy-to-use stairlift to transform your home life.

To avoid further susceptible injuries, our hip shield can prevent a fall becoming a serious broken bone injury. The shield itself is lightweight and subtle and compresses the hip area on impact. Any fears of suffering a broken bone injury in silence can be allayed with a patient alarm, ideal to alert carers when a vulnerable person has suffered a fall or is potentially endangering themselves.

Effectively protecting your bones from future damage can prolong lifespan and maintain the activities and enjoyment in your life.

For further information and advice on products for broken bone care contact mobility specialists, Collins Care today.

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