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Hip Replacement Recovery - Guidance On Hip Replacement Recovery Products
With over 62,000 hip replacement operations completed in the UK every year, it is imperative to supply adequate protection and support after surgery. Despite the fact that surgery is largely targeted to patients aged 60 and over, the success of the procedure means that younger people are now considering this to improve their mobility and put an end to pain.

A hip replacement can provide an effective long term solution to combat against worn or damaged hip joints and incapacity.

The road to recovery can be a long and arduous one, that’s why at Collins Care we endeavour to offer durable and comfortable products specifically targeted to help.

As part of our hip replacement home care pack there are a number of different aids and products to improve everyday life. Our non-slip bath mats are a simple but efficient method to avoid dangerous falls in the shower or bath.

Improving safety in the bathroom is vitally important and along with our bath mats, we offer further aids. Our suction grab rail successfully provides extra support to assist your natural motion when stepping in and out of your shower or bath. This option is perfect for tiled walls where drilling is not a possibility.

Our comfortable raised toilet seat has a gentle contoured surface and acts as an alternative solution to your normal seat. A large aperture at the front and back allows for personal cleansing and hygiene. The raised seat reduces the joint movement needed to sit down and is ideal for avoiding further pain.

During your recovery process it is understandable that recuperation will involve bed rest and relaxation in your recliner. Therefore, our innovative reacher with its pistol style grip, is easy to operate and allows you to maintain your independence. The reacher also has a magnetic tip, enabling you to pick up and gather metallic objects.

The unique sock aid made from a soft plastic eases the infuriating pain of bending over to put your socks on. This inexpensive solution will really transform your life.

To avoid the risk of further injury and more serious long-term damage, the hip shield is a must-have preventative aid. Designed to absorb and deflect the impact of a fall away from the hipbone, the shield is discreet and comfortable to wear. With both male and female sizes available, the shield is tailored for specific body shapes and sizes.

With effective prevention and protection, recovery from hip surgery is a hurdle that we can help overcome.

For further information and advice on products for hip replacement contact mobility specialists, Collins Care today.

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